Thoughts on the Ukraine
Conference in Lugano
on 4/5 July 2022

An essay! "Essay" comes from "experiment, try out". It conveys facts, scientific findings, but also personal impressions. It consists of disposition, text and summary.

“President Ignazio Cassis on a high”. Or: “What does a Ukraine conference in Lugano mean?”

Federal Councillor Cassis prepared this conference on the occasion of a visit to Kiev as early as October 2021. All preparations are little publicised. As President of the Confederation (Dec. 2021), he says the Ukraine war is his best time in office as a Federal Councillor.

Born on 13 April 1961 in Sessa (some write: Stampa), he grew up as a tomboy. His father is a farmer, later an insurance official, and his grandfather immigrated to Sessa from Italy.

He gave up his passport as a dual citizen on the occasion of his election to the Federal Council and from then on identified himself as “totally” Swiss.

A decisive experience in his youth: Jumping over a fence, he loses his right little finger. The press mentions the age of 6, 12 and 13 – 12 is likely. His father takes him to the emergency room, where he then has to wait alone in a dark room for 3 hours until the finger is amputated. A lonely thing!

You know the saying: “My little finger tells me”. He only has half of this intuition left. In Ticino, he worked as a cantonal doctor from 1996 to 2012. From 2017 in the Federal Council with little parliamentary experience, he is rather a loner. The negotiations on the Framework Agreement of Europe fail under his leadership. As a fellow student, Thomas Binder, MD, writes him an impressive letter on taking office in December 2021 when he is elected President of the Confederation, demanding that he correct the obvious mistakes in the work of the Federal Council with the Corona pandemic as a doctor and initiate a change of direction as President of the Confederation. Dr Thomas Binder does not even receive a reply.

In autumn 2021, Christian Müller – in my opinion the best journalist of the Infosperber – writes on the occasion of the visit of BR. Cassis in Kiev, Christian Müller writes a remarkable article on his enthusiasm for Ukraine and the preparations for the Ukraine conference in Lugano. Christian Müller, a profound expert on Russia, is dismissed by Infosperber for being Russia-friendly! Also at the WEF, FC Cassis speaks about the Ukraine conference. And now the Ukraine conference in Lugano is getting closer. BR Cassis is now naming the Ukraine conference the “Recovery Conference” on his own initiative. It is Europe’s fourth or fifth conference for Ukraine and Cassis now wants to create a “recovery conference” at all costs. This brings him into conflict with Ursula von der Leyen, who makes this claim for the EU. FC Cassis sticks to this name, but does not say what Switzerland will pay towards the reconstruction. The total cost is estimated at CHF 1000 billion. Did other countries also get that much? FC Cassis is on a high, unilaterally supports Ukraine, calls President Selenski his friend, invites 41 countries – mainly NATO countries – and 19 organisations (including the World Bank, UN, etc.). He says in several interviews: “SWITZERLAND IS LOOKING FORWARD” to this very prestigious conference in support of Ukraine! Is Switzerland really looking forward? Certainly not all of them, including me!


President Volodomir Selensky, born 25 January 1976

President Selensky is originally an actor. As a court jester in the TV series: “Servant of the People”, he became President of Ukraine in 2015. Wow! Since 2014 he has watched and quite tolerated Ukrainian attacks on Russian-born residents in the Donbass. In May 2019, he will actually be elected president of Ukraine. He probably would not have thought that he would be leading Ukraine through the war that Russia has been “responsible for” since 24 February when it invaded Ukraine. It is a proxy war of America against Russia and Selenski is presumably controlled and coached by the CIA and MI6. Official Switzerland supports Ukraine completely from the first day of the war, offers any help. FC Cassis totally questions Swiss neutrality. President Vladimir Putin is absolutely condemned in the mainstream and showered with many lies. Nobody takes into account that the Russian inhabitants in the Donbass welcome the Russian invasion as a liberation after 8 years of terrible attacks on civilians. No one mentions that NATO at the beginning of the 1990s promised in all sincerity not to move its borders one centimetre to the east – towards Russia – and is breaking this promise more and more in every respect – despite many warnings from President V. Putin. ONLY supporters of Ukraine are invited to the Ukraine conference, no one from the other side has an invitation. It is becoming a conference of self-congratulation!

What can we do in order not only to pay homage to this Ukraine conference as an event – called a high-profile event by FC Cassis – but also to clearly express the rights of a considerable group of critical Swiss citizens?

  1. we must support our Ticino colleagues from all over Switzerland with as large a presence as possible.
  2. it is important to publicise the conference quickly, widely and repeatedly in all parts of Switzerland!
  3. all organisations should participate
  4. we will not be able to enter the core of the conference, whose exact location is not yet known. This part of the city will be heavily cordoned off and guarded.
  5. let us all listen to what the Little Finger is telling us.
  6. Let us show that we have not invited BR Cassis, President Selenski, NATO countries and big organisations.

Summary: It is a must to illuminate and support the other side of the coin. Let’s get going!

Warm greetings from the Constitutional Alliance Switzerland

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