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The "GIACOMETTI Initiative" demands the confirmation of urgently enacted federal laws by the people and the cantons within 100 days of entry into force, simplifies the Federal Constitution and strengthens the right of referendum. A small step in the right direction.

It can happen that the Federal Assembly believes it must declare a federal law it has passed urgent. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this. However, the sovereign (i.e. the people and the cantons) can then only exercise its constitutional privilege of a referendum under more difficult conditions. De facto, the electorate is disempowered. The GIACOMETTI initiative provides a remedy.

Since the Swiss Constitutional Alliance is still in the process of being established, it will not be able to start its own actions and projects immediately. Therefore, the Executive Committee has decided to support the GIACOMETTI Initiative and to show its public presence for the first time with this commitment. It would be great if many members and interested people would participate in the collection of signatures. Signature sheets are available for download here.

Zaccaria Giacometti | 1893 - 1970 Schweizer Staatsrechtler

Unterschriftenbogen Giacometti-Initiative

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