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A praise of fast slowness...
A short essay.

On 20 April, the votes were counted. Votes from the Friends of the Constitution Alliance, which has grown incredibly quickly to 26,000 members since July 2020.

3514 people voted, that’s 14% of the association – the active grassroots democracy has melted away to a modest bunch of undecideds.

600 ballot papers shone with invalidity or yawning emptiness.

The remaining, valid 2914 ballot papers are divided into:

1397 votes each for list two members and.

1325 votes each for list one, which would not have accepted the election if it had won.

148, 169 and 172 votes remained for the individual candidates.

List two is elected. Congratulations!

And yet: a meagre – a modest – a sad result?

A memorial – a warning – a scolding after the high times with great prestige and enormous workload?

The price of a government that ruled from the top down the longer it lasted?

Other reasons?

This year will clarify many things.

And there is the so-called List 1, which shortly decided – shortly before the elections – not to accept the election if it won.

“You don’t do that!”

“It just makes me ugly and disgruntled!”

“Are they still OK?”

Yes, they really are!

They don’t want – freshly elected, with new vigour and new ideas – to finish unfinished business!

They have taken the courage to cultivate a new field, to work the earth from scratch, from the bottom up!

Wow, that was fast, that was sudden!

Can you trust them?

I am convinced: “Yes, you can!”

Founding quickly with nothing to start with, respecting and involving the grassroots from the very beginning – that takes courage, strength and energy.

And so the quick decision now becomes slower, perhaps tough, perhaps paved with critical questions.

Questions, doubts, displeasure?

Hope, curiosity, desire?

“What has happened to our great, shining association, Friends of the Constitution?”

“Why should I trust and even become a member of a new association that promises the same and yet fundamentally different things?”

“I won’t take part in that any more. Let them prove themselves first!”

And this is where the slowness begins, which may lead to sustainable growth.

Everyone who becomes a member here thinks carefully and carefully about it.

When you join, you become a building block for a solid, truly grassroots-oriented association.

Grassroots orientation should not remain an empty word!

When you join, YOU are meant, YOU are asked, YOU can think, YOU can contribute!

I am convinced that the association “Constitutional Alliance Switzerland” will grow creatively!

Take a look at the words of the now 7-member board here again with relish, critically, doubtfully, already convinced or still uncertain.

“The objective for us remains the same, but it is based on a new foundation: we reflect on the vision, the charter and the purpose of the association, namely to help the fundamental values of our constitution to their true meaning. We are committed to transparency and participatory decision-making wherever possible. This means that proven structures such as the association and the board will be expanded and more broadly supported with grassroots democratic elements. We want to lead the new association into a next phase of political change. The Corona crisis is not over, the new contract with the WHO sends its regards. We believe in the power of our charter and are willing to stand united to contribute to real democracy in Switzerland.”

Who also wants to take on a new venture?

Who will help – as part of the grassroots – to keep the promise of the Executive Committee?

Who is willing to work together with other organizations and associations to restore our and Switzerland’s fundamental rights?

The first project we support – “The Giacometti Initiative” – is already in the starting blocks for us too.

Let’s get down to it – let’s shape the “Swiss Constitutional Alliance” with fun, cheerful, ready for conflict and at an appropriate pace!

Are you coming?

Ursi Herzig

Constitutional Alliance Switzerland
PO Box 5001 Aarau

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