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On a mild late summer evening, many people flocked to the Grossmünster to attend the personal conversation between the Health Director of the Canton of Zurich - Natalie Rickli - and Pastor Christoph Sigrist. Only in a roundabout way does one get to the entrance without wandering over critical words, which two courageous women have written on the floor with chalk: "A personal conversation with a political person also includes their attitude in public." Politicians are not worth more than the people!"

With this, the two women sent a signal in advance that every man and every woman – especially a well-known politician – should always be takes herself along for a personal talk.

In front of the altar, the two conversation partners sit down opposite each other. Before that I welcome Alec Gagneux, whom I am sure everyone knows, in the front row on the right. He has been living for many years with a high level of commitment to the process of consciousness, what our elites, the high finance, the capital, the pharmaceutical industry and we less conscious citizens are contributing to the growing poverty, hunger unger and lack of possessions in the world, and even partly and even aiming at it. For many years, he has been on the streets with flyers and a willingness to talk. The powerful and the rich at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. And the rich make their plans at the World Economic Forum (WEF), transforming wealth into even more wealth. Preparing the “Great Reset” almost secretly in recent years. Countless “young global leaders” in governments are trained in this forge. trained – er, coached. I have never been there, because I have never been to the WEF. But I was at the Alec and his wife – an impressive counter-event in Davos. Alec advises me to sit a little away from him, which I do. The big church is quite full. The conversation is divided into three parts divided:

  1. Very personal
  2. Profession, career
  3. What does autumn bring?

The atmosphere is really personal, almost cosy, which the interviewer also which the interviewer emphasises and cultivates. The first part is about the death of Natalie Rickli’s mother and what it can do to lose people close to her. The second part deals with work, career and culminates in Ms Rickli’s burnout. The book with various stories that she gives to Pastor Sigrist dates from this time. she gives to Father Sigrist. She chooses the story of the elephant to read aloud. In the run-up to the reading, she tells us that many people always live and think that this is normal because they have never learned to be courageous to be brave and to rebel. Was Ms Rickli about to bring a political political aspect into the conversation? But first the story in simplified form. Two friends are with a big, strong elephant whose feet are chained with a heavy metal shackle. One man says: “Elephants are so strong that they can pull out big trees! They can pull out big trees! I don’t understand why this elephant can’t break free off the chain!” “You know,” interjects the other man, “this elephant had the chain on his foot since he was a baby. He has learned that it is it’s normal to be chained!” Was Mrs Rickli talking about herself? “Stockholm syndrome? ‘I identify with my aggressor, then I have power in the system!’ When and under what circumstances does a person lose their facial expressions? Natalie Rickli is a person with extremely sparse facial expressions. But her story speaks of courage and rebellion. Alec Gagneux takes courage, speaks up, wants to give the very personal conversation a political touch. He is firmly and harshly rejected until he remains silent. While Natalie Rickli answers the question of what autumn will bring us quite harmlessly, Alec writes a zinger. Alec writes a note and brings it to the front. Pastor Sigrist promises to address the concerns:

  1. “No bed for the unvaccinated” (quote N. R). How can you say something so discriminatory thing? “
  1. extreme increase in debt because of Pharma – Covid19 – policy. “Responsibility? “
  1. young global leaders from WEF:” How can you support the expropriation agenda (Great reset), co-responsible?”

Nothing happens! The question is neither asked nor answered! Alec stands under the pulpit with the poster: “HOLY  VACCINATION, NO THANKS”. The murmur in the cathedral:” Let’s keep the private feel-good atmosphere, or else! atmosphere, otherwise…..!” From the moment he stands there, I stand up in the church pew in my yellow and remain standing – which is probably one of the reasons that two bodyguards prevent me from talking to Natalie Ricklin. I keep thinking: ‘Pastor Sigrist has certainly managed to make many visitors think: ‘What are we doing here? ‘What a wonderful health director we have!

Have the harsh measures taken during the pandemic been forgotten? Have the sufferings of the children’s sufferings become nothing?

Look under: Vaccination from 10 October 2022 in the canton of Zurich Width Recommendation, e.g. for:- children from 5 years of age – pregnant women from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy! And many others! Yes, really! I would have asked Mrs. Rickli what she thought of the 20% drop in births in Zurich (Swiss record)!            But today, under the aegis of Pastor Sigrist, everything is wrapped in rose-coloured cotton wool in preparation for further docility – even among the “chained” , who have long since grown up but have not learned to stand up and say “no”.

03.07.2022 Ursi : Herzig, citizen of the city of Zurich

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