Press release

Press release

5. April 2022
The newly founded "Constitutional Alliance Switzerland" has been strengthened: Corinne Beringer, Fritz Jordi and Barbara Scherrer have joined the Executive Committee. Thomas Börlin takes over the presidency from Andreas Röthlisberger, who is stepping down for health reasons.

The newly founded “Constitutional Alliance Switzerland”, which emerged from Team 1 of the Friends of the Constitution Board elections, is gathering momentum. The website is online and anyone who wants to join as a member can now do so conveniently via the website. At the same time, the board has been strengthened by high-profile regional leaders on the occasion of an ao GV on 4.4.2022: Corinne Beringer is former regional leader Aaretal, Barbara Scherrer has led the Schwerzenbach region. Fritz Jordi is a member of the Wil Regio Group, which is managed by advisory board member Klaus Rüdiger, and has participated in the working group on the new statutes. Thomas Börlin, head of the Fricktal region and committed from the beginning to involving the grassroots in the decisions of the FdV board, takes over the presidency from Andreas Röthlisberger, who is stepping down for health reasons and leaving the board.

The “Statutes Plus Working Group” has come to the board elections of the Friends of the Constitution to offer an alternative to the members of the association. After information came to light from which it must be concluded that there will be legal proceedings against the association, for which the previous board members will have to answer, but the whole process will put a considerable burden on the new board, Team 1 decided not to accept a possible election.

Instead of making a fist in the bag, it decided to leave the old behind, make a new start and founded the association “Constitutional Alliance Switzerland” on the basis of the new statutes drawn up by Team 1.

The objective remains the same, but it is based on a new foundation: The “Constitutional Alliance Switzerland” recalls the vision, the charter and the purpose of the association, namely to help the fundamental values of our constitution to find their true meaning. The “Constitutional Alliance Switzerland” is committed to transparency and participatory decision-making wherever possible. This means that tried and tested structures will be expanded and more broadly supported with grassroots democratic elements. We in the “Constitutional Alliance Switzerland” believe in the power of our Charter and are willing to stand united with all organisations of the civil rights movement to defend fundamental rights in Switzerland.

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