From corona to climate hysteria

Amazing how nimbly our mainstream media switch from corona to war and then climate hysteria.

The "Great Reset" sends its regards.

The CFR-controlled media give us no respite: from Corona to war to climate hysteria

It’s the holiday season, but the media are going all climate panic.

Once, without batting an eyelid, ground temperatures are given as measured values for weather forecasts, although the values for the temperature data within weather maps are measured 2 metres from the ground. But these values measured there would be too low to cause panic with. This is what happened last week when 48°C (ground temperature) was reported for Italy.

Now, after the KIG was adopted on 18 June 2023 with the help of the entire Swiss state propaganda media, the GOVERNMENT can continue to spread their ideologies and slowly push the citizens of our Switzerland in the direction of the “New World Order”. Climate stickers are tolerated by the state, why? Because it is conducive to the state ideology? This is exactly the reason why critics of measures during the Corona Planemie were fought wherever possible, because they questioned the power of the GOVERNMENT.

Ideology versus science. That was the name of the game even in Corona times. Scientists who questioned the ideological narrative of state science were muted in the state propaganda media, sometimes even dragged before the courts for some far-fetched accusation. Now, as more and more of what has been lied about Corona over the last three years comes to light, those responsible are trying to shift blame and duck out of the way. There is a need for an extra-parliamentary reappraisal of the Corona period. For this purpose, the collection of signatures for the reappraisal initiative is currently underway ( Those who have not yet signed can order signature sheets via the homepage.

So now the witchcraft continues, as in the Middle Ages. Science is a never-ending discourse in which what seems to be true today will be old coffee again tomorrow because new findings lead to new conclusions. If, however, a considerable part of science is excluded because the part of science that is loyal to the state claims that it has a monopoly on the truth, then we either have a “Ministry of Truth” or we are back in the middle of the age of the “Inquisition”. At that time, the power was still with the church and it kept people stupid by only allowing monks and scholars to read and write. In this way, the princes of the church, together with the secular princes, were able to oppress and control the people.

Today, on the other hand, when the majority of people in our country can actually read and write, they resort to the means of media dumbing down. State ideologies are repeated via the state media until people who are no longer stupid believe what they are being told.

And here we are again in the Middle Ages. Even then, religious wars were waged and, in my opinion, that’s what it’s all about today. Either you believe in the Corona, Ukraine or climate hysteria stories, or you don’t. However, this no longer has much to do with science.

The coin in the box rings, your soul leaps to heaven” is what the monks used to say when they sold their indulgences in the Middle Ages. What, then, are today’s CO2 certificates?


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