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Our charter

The Swiss Constitutional Alliance is committed to a non-violent and peace-promoting society marked by the values of freedom, equality, fraternity, transparency and tolerance, and promotes in word and deed the preservation of the following values

  • Independence in the fields of education, science, politics, religion and culture: the realisation and preservation of the right to freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of belief and conscience, and personal freedom in the treatment of illness and health in order to preserve physical and mental integrity.
  • The right of the sovereign to proportionality of state action: The sovereign, as the supreme power of the state, has the right to full transparency with regard to state action as well as the right to reviewability and co-determination in state measures.
  • Legal equality for all, regardless of nationality, origin, gender, skin colour, faith, age or wealth, while promoting cultural diversity. Commitment to national and international agreements that are reached democratically and promote justice.
  • Fraternal interaction in economic life, in production, trade and consumption of goods and services. Guiding principles are an economy oriented towards the common good, meaningful gainful employment and the resulting creation of value, social and ecological suitability for grandchildren, solidarity and the well-being of the people living in Switzerland and the human family as a whole. A currency that is independent of other currencies, that offers as little loss of purchasing power as possible and that eliminates the compulsion to grow. The use of the currency must guarantee the anonymity of the individual.

Nos statuts

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